Everyone has a unique story to tell, we’re bringing these stories to life through technology, so people can receive more personalised care.

A life, captured.

Thread.Care is an innovative app for people in aged care and independent living communities.

Using Thread.Care to quickly note down any memories or moments that come up in conversation, carers can build a ‘life story’ of the people they are caring for whilst also recording what they’re up to on a daily basis.

It’s a simple way to show someone’s past and present which allows the many people caring for that person to get to know them and provide more personal and tailored care. Family and friends can also stay up-to-date with the daily activities of their loved ones.

Communication made easy

Thread.Care, is the simplest way for those involved with a person living in an aged care community to stay informed.

Our app allows everyone who comes into contact with a resident to contribute to their personal timeline and check in to see how they’re doing.

Carers can add memories whilst also keeping each other updated on how a particular person is going.

Family members can easily submit their own stories, and find out what their loved one is up to on a daily basis. Everyone with access can follow the developments in a resident’s life story, to get to know, understand and care for that person properly.

How it works


Memory shared


Carer adds memory


Shared on timeline


Family can add more photos to the memory


Enriched memory appears on the Resident's timeline


More connections and stronger memories

Benefits for all

Thread.Care creates a virtuous circle that touches each part of the care cycle. Deepening the connections between all parties 
and helping the those living in aged care communities to be 
better understood.

A secure community

We know how important information security and privacy are to you. Our data management, storage and security protocols adhere to best-in-class standards.

We do not collect any medical, financial or other potentially sensitive data about any of our residents. Unlike Facebook, or other social media platforms, NONE of the data on Thread.Care is accessible to the public.

All Thread.Care accounts are password protected. A family account allows you to view your loved one’s profile and submit moments to their timeline. Moments added via family accounts are reviewed by the facility to ensure they are appropriate for your loved one to enjoy.

Meet Quality Standards

Using Thread.Care in your facility demonstrates adherence to the new Quality Aged Care Standards (QACS).

Our platform touches all of the eight Standards, while focussing specifically on Standards 1 & 4. By seeing each Resident’s life story, their daily moments, and using a Knowing Me tab, Carers have a snapshot of those in their care.

Resident’s likes, dislikes, family, career & educational history, and proudest moment are all clearly laid out for quick reference.

Want More Information?

If you work in an Aged Care Community, or have a family member who’s in care, get in touch and we’ll see if we can add them to our list of participating communities.

All facilities must meet a criteria for participation and we provide full training and on-boarding for all Carers.

You can reach us at:

About Thread.Care

We are a software platform that allows for better Resident care in aged care communities. We make it easier for Carers to connect with the people they are looking after by providing a simple a way for them to share memories.

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